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Three Reasons To Consider The Reliability of This Report

Reason one: The author, Dr. Kelly Carr, holds academic degrees from three prestigious institutions: Liberty University (B. A.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th. M.), and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (D. Min). Research is nothing new to him.

Reason two: He began his search for "The Original Wedding Ceremony" after noticing so many similar phrases in the modern ceremonies. He spent hundreds of hours researching historical records, compiling data, and then putting it into an interesting and easy to understand format.

Reason three: After having been involved in nearly 300 weddings and rehearsals, and been asked by many couples about these similarities, he decided to investigate for himself. His research led him back over 450 years to the time of King Henry VIII and the political intrigue of his royal court.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

1) The History of The Original Wedding Ceremony.

You will be able to see the development of the wedding ceremony from the Renaissance times.

2) The Original Wedding Ceremony in the form in which it appeared in 1662.

It will make your own ceremony even more meaningful as you read through it and compare it to contemporary ceremonies. You will enjoy the hearing rich language dating back to the time of Shakespeare.

3) Learn about the three fundamental underpinnings of the modern English language.

Enrich your understanding of your own heritage.

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Now, you're probably wondering how we can do this.

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Perhaps you have heard the following phrases which have been used at wedding ceremonies of all kinds, both contemporary and traditional...

"Dearly beloved"

"holy matrimony"

"let him now speak or forever hold his peace"

"in prosperity and adversity"

"to have and to hold"

"for better for worse"

"for richer for poorer"

"in sickness and in health"

"to love and to cherish"

"till death us do part"

"wedded husband...wedded wife"

and, of course,

"with this ring I thee wed"

These beautiful words have come to be a part of our expectation during a wedding ceremony. It seems that even in this modern and fast-paced day that when you attend a wedding, there is a comforting ring of familiarity to it. Something within us yearns for the truth of these inspiring words. Something about the tradition of the wedding ceremony and these simple phrases offer a sense of stability in an often unstable world.

Though so many versions exist and many couples now even choose to write their own vows, there are so many beloved phrases we continue to hear, want to hear and even expect to hear at a wedding. These phrases are so common and so widespread that there must be some common wedding ceremony from which they all spring. There must be some ancient ancestor which has given birth to the various ceremonies that we have today. And there is. "The Original Wedding Ceremony" in the English language dates back to the time of King Henry VIII and has much to do with the history of western civilization. Hang on for a quick trip as we search for the author of "The Original Wedding Ceremony" in the English language.

The Chapters include:

Rome and Latin

Martin Luther and the Reformation

The English Reformation

The Shakespearean Quality of the Language

Some Ironies of The Original Wedding Ceremony

And, of course,

The Complete Text of The Original Wedding Ceremony Revised in 1662 AD.

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In summary, here's what you get:

A List of Common Wedding Phrases from The Original Wedding Ceremony 

The Connection to Rome and Latin

The Link to Martin Luther and The Reformation

How the English Reformation Revolutionized the Wedding Ceremony

The Identity of the Author of The Original Wedding Ceremony 

The Explanation of the Quality of the Language and the Similarity to Shakespeare

Some little known Ironies of The Original Wedding Ceremony 

The Complete Text of The Original Wedding Ceremony from its 1662 Revision

Permission to Reproduce this e-book in its entirety (all we ask is that you give proper credit and include contact information)

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Dr. Kelly Carr

P.S. I have worked with many couples through the years and I truly feel that knowing the history of The Original Wedding Ceremony will make your own ceremony even more meaningful.

P.P.S. I hope you will take advantage of this offer while my publisher is still allowing me to offer it as a free e-book and before it is printed in book form.

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